Monday, March 4, 2013

January: 40.03 km
February: 47.22 km
March: 15.08 km (as at 5th March 2013)

Date: 5th March 2013
Weight: 108kg
Goal Achieved: 102.33/500 KM

My running regime was getting pretty regular after work, clocking in short and comfortable runs. If this continues on, i'll be achieving my goal way before 2014 :) 

It can be really tiring on certain days after work, but there will always be days that are not too busy. I'll bring my running gear to work everyday :)

Push on, fight on! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mission Accomplished

Date: 29th December 2012
Weight: 110kg
Goal Achieved: 1004/1000 KM (16km Swim, 775km cycle, 213km run)

I completed what i set off to do but still can't afford my reward for myself. Hahaha... 

Base on what i feel, i should be able to set a new target, 

500KM run in a year! 

Next event probably 2XU 21km run :)

Date: 3rd January 2013
Weight: 110kg
Goal Achieved: 10/500 KM

Sunday, December 2, 2012

RE: 1000KM Project

Date: 19th December 2012
Weight: 110kg
Goal Achieved: 996/1000 KM (16km Swim, 775km cycle, 205km run)

Raining and feeling sick, didn't went out for a run for quite some time until my marathon day. Did some cycling to condition myself which proves to be inadequate.

Race day i can feel i'm full of stamina but my leg muscles couldn't carry me further then 20k. a bit of stretching every few km helps prolongs my legs to 30km then its was a painful last 12km with cramps all acting up and i have to sit down a few times to stretch for at least 5min to loosen the muscles. 

Next year's marathon training will start early; once i recovered, will start planning a general plan i can easily slot into my long working hour. Main focus will be condition the core muscles and strengthening the leg muscle. Endurance and stamina should be fine if i continue cycling at my average pace of 27-28km/h and maybe to push it up to 30km/h for at least 40km.