Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yushen @ Fukuichi Japanese Dining

I wanted to try out something different from the usual Yusheng we normally had in chinese restaurant. Browsed the web a little and found this place.

Salmon for Yusheng. Superb Plating, looks very elegant...

Well, the difference between the japanese yusheng and chinese yusheng is probably the type of condiments available. However the condiments differs from restaurant to restaurant so this might be the most unique one i come across.

Other then the regular carrot, radish, pok cui and some pickles, you will find nuts, shiitake mushroom, lettuce and japanese pickles. As for the sauce, the seasoning is pretty heavy. Quite sweet and pretty distinct on the salt or shoyu.

The only dish worth mention was the unagi from my bento set. Apparently it was grilled with some bambo leaves that gives it a unique aroma and slightly pleasant bambo smokey taste. Unexpectedly, I love it!

We also shared a spider maki which is pretty good in taste and they are generous with ebiko. However the sushi chef lack skill to make it firm. The maki was very loosely made and challenging it eat.

Overall the food in the restaurant is just above average. Slightly pricy, not worth the frequent visit. However the presentation of the food is superb and food photographers will love this place so much.

Mixed Feeling...

TripleOne Somerset Road
Singapore 238164
Tel: 6271 5586

Opening Hours Daily:

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