Saturday, March 19, 2011

A rare treat for myself...

I went into the supermarket for a walk about and i was hooked onto the steak. Not the best looking one i saw (the ones my workplace serve is really unbelievable when i see the marbling of fats) but it just made me want to cook it.

So im trying to see how long will i take to prepare a meal from the raw ingredient.

T - 0min: Reducing chicken stock to make chicken jus, pan roasting the bacon.

T - 2min: bacon is almost done.

T - 3min: preparing a sauce pan with thyme and garlic.

T - 3.5 min: deglaze the bacon pan with brandy and red wine. Every thing into the saucepan with thyme and garlic, combine with the chicken jus. leave it on the heat to reduce further...

Meanwhile heat up a pan.

T - 4.5min: Sear the mean 2 min on one side then flip over to another side and straight into the 200 DegC preheated oven for 2min (medium rare). Take note that the meat should be at room temperature.

T - 7min: pan roast sliced button with thyme, garlic and butter. season with salt and pepper.

T - 7.5min: while roasting mushroom, make a simple dressing for salad. 1 tsp aged balsamic vinegar and 1 tbsp grapeseed oil plus a dash of tabasco. season with salt.

Also not forgetting to flip the pan of mushroom once in a while.

T - 9: Remove the streak from the oven, add a table spoon of red wine vinegar into the pan, baste it with the burnt butter and red wine vinegar from the pan.

T - 10min: let it rest on the rack.

T - 10.5min: strain the sauce and monte some cold butter nuggets into the sauce.

T - 12 min: Remove the thyme and garlic from the pan of roasted mushroom then plate it.

T - 13min: Toss the salad with the dressing. and plate it.

T - 14 min: Put everything onto the plate and drizzle some sauce on the side of the meat.

T - 15 min: Dig in :)

200 Day grain fed grilled Angus beef ribeye with Beurre Noir and Bacon Jus, Roasted white button mushroom, Mesclun with Aged balsamico dressing.

So this is what i call fast food :) This meal would probably take me 35-40min to prepare 3 mth ago or 50-60min 1 year ago. This is the type of multi tasking i learn from my workplace :)

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