Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TONKATSU by Ma Maison

Sadly but true, the reason why i visited this the first time was because ipuddo had a really long queue and this shop was relatively empty. New kid on the block, Ma Maison, specialize pork katsu over here. The second time i'm back here was because of the juicy pork katsu (and the pretty japanese wait staff).

The other outlet in Singapore should be in Bugis but i'm not very sure where exactly it is.

Nice array of sauce for Tonkasu and side salad. The Spicy sauce for the Tonkasu was not bad, not very spicy in my opinion. And i love the sesame dressing that goes with the salad.

Negi Miso Hire Katsu Set - $27.30

The Negi Miso is really strong. Very intense flavour going on over here. Not my kind of dish. The star of the dish was more like the sauce than the protein. However, i'm not saying the flavour is no good, it pretty good actually!

Every kitchen should have a place to write down stuff to order making the chef's job easier (if the CDP does their job well). Over here i saw them writing down on the 4 door chiller... hahahaha.... Making full use of what is available in the tiny kitchen!

At the counter seat, the top is actually covered with mirrors! i can see my dinner being bread with fresh bread crumbs (not the dried ones) and swimming in a low heat deep fryer oil (I'm sure its lower then the standard 170-180 DegC, I estimate it to be around 150 DegC base on the oil reaction to the katsu upon hitting the fryer). Its quite interesting actually.

As the timer rings (about 1.5-2 mins) my dinner is taken out of the "swimming pool" and being rested on the rack. This is to ensure the juice retains in the meat upon cutting and also to drip away excess fat.
Wafu Negioroshi Rosu Katsu - $25.30

Looks pretty eh? This is more like my kind of Pork katsu. Simple ingredients with flavour that is not over powering and its actually pretty refreshing to have the grated daikon on it.

Im not sure how to describe how juicy the pork is but i guess a photo will be enough to do some justice as in how juicy it really is. The meat is actually cooked till just after pink (medium-well to well) so it is not overcooked and retains the wonderful and flavourful juice in the meat.

Also worth mentioning is the Tonjiru which is included in the set. It was superbe. Nice and flavourful miso soup with generous amount of vegetable and mushroom. I'm sure while trimming the pork katsu to serving portion, they keep the trimmings for the tonjiru. The soup is quite meaty in flavour.

Worth a visit because of the pork katsu (and not forgetting the pretty wait staff as well... LOL! )

TONKATSU by Ma Maison
#02-35/36 Mandarin Gallery
Tel:(65) 67334541

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