Monday, August 15, 2011

OSIM Triathlon 2011

An article on Straits Times 28th July 2011.

This post was a few weeks late... Can only blame me for being lazy and feeling tired all the time.

Anyway, Had my fair share of fun and pain during this year's triathlon.

Firstly i must admit that my amount of training is definitely not enough for a triathlon. However my job is still pretty physical and i think my base stamina is still not that bad so i went ahead and did the event.

I got kick in the face when swimming in the sea, had a big gulp of the sea... Swimming was tough as usual in Singapore waters. But i think the main reason my time suffered so badly due to my lack of pool session. I could only do my laps on my off days and if my off day was on a weekend i won't want to squeeze with the crowd.

2009 Swimming Timing: 00:41:30
2010 Swimming Timing: 00:44:55
2011 Swimming Timing: 00:53:17

Not only getting slower, its getting ridiculously worst.

After a tiring swim leg, i thought i was finished. Preserver through, i went into the transition area. My bike fell on the ground in transition area probably thanks to my neighbor, that made me lost quite some time locating my bike as i was a little disorientated.

While pushing out of the transition area, had a nice glup of 100+ and a packet of energy gel, that is just what i needed, a boost start.

While cycling on lap 1 of 4 my bike chain fell off when switching gear. Bad luck. First time have to stop in a race to fix my bike. Luckily it wasn't broken or snap, just simply fell off because i down gear by too much. Anyway cheap road bike haiz.... Served me well, time to retire and for me to move onto some serious tri bike probably next year.

2009 Cycling Timing: 01:39:47
2010 Cycling Timing: 01:29:42
2011 Cycling Timing: 01:38:35

I was kinda expecting 1:35-1:40 range because i rarely bike nowadays. This means my leg is not really tuned to cycling this year. Last year, i almost cycled 120-150km a week or 3-4 time a week with each session 30-40km. That was awesome, I had a good cycling leg and running leg was fine.

I can't really say i was running, i was more like walking and jogging most of the time. After the cycling leg, my thigh felt really heavy. Almost like dragging a brick while jogging. Lack of training in cycling contributed to the muscle fatigue. Luckily, often after work i still manage to drag my lazy ass to run round marina bay and Singapore river. That makes up for something.

2009 Running Timing: 01:20:05
2010 Running Timing: 01:17:45
2011 Running Timing: 01:24:09

I'm so ashamed to even post the time but my fault for not training much. Hope next year will be better.

2009 Overall Timing: 03:41:22 (Age Group Position: 49)
2010 Overall Timing: 03:32:21 (Age Group Position: 43)
2011 OVerall Timing: 03:55:59 (Age Group Position: 88)

Never give up!

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