Friday, September 10, 2010

How to make Congee, A New Discovery!

Update from this post:

Alright, after months of congee making, i realize some way to make a nice and smooth congee more efficiently.

Refer to the previous post on insight on congee making and then continue on this post for simple step by step instruction.

All begins with soaking the rice overnight. Put rice into a container, pour oil into the rice, stir around a bit making sure the rice is well coated with oil, add water to rice, water level should be 2 time the amount of rice.
1) Boil water b4 adding in the rice. This will minimize sticking to the bottom of the pot.
2) By the time the rice is added in the water level should be taken as 100%
3) Use a mixture of Jasmin rice and Glutinous rice ratio 50:1 . Rice to water ratio 1:12.
4) Reduce the liquid to about 80%. By this time the rice should start to split.
5) Using a whisk, whisk non stop for 5 min until all grains are broken. This is important as it will break up the grains and make a super smooth congee. Once water is added like in step 7 and this step is skipped, it is very hard to get back the smooth and silky consistency. Not impossible but take more time and more whisking...
6) once the water level reach about 65-70% whisk again for 5 min. Keep whisking will prevent the congee from sticking onto the bottom of the pot.
7) add in liquid to make the water level 100% again. This will ensure all grain absorb every single ounce of liquid it can hold.
8) keep whisking every few min or so until the water level reach 80% and you are done.

This is just a general guide. When i state that "water level reach 80% and you are done" it might not apply to everyone. The season the rice was harvest, the region the rice was grown, the time the rice was kept (age of rice), all will have impact on congee making. That is why knowing the consistency you are looking for is essential.

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