Thursday, November 4, 2010

My advice to a young chef...

1: try dine there once and to feel as a customer how that place is like

2: once u start work, take the menu and memorize the menu. When i say memorize the menu, means the cooking method, plating and garnish everything.

3: always come 15-30min in advance b4 work, prepare and settle down. always have breakfast b4 working.

4: always have a small notebook and pen to write down any instruction, recipe, etc...

5: never argue with chef or show any attitude. all chef will screw new trainee, if they see u can take the shit they will treat u better after a few mth

6: it is going to be very tiring and some times you will feel like shit and dread going to work. This is perfectly normal if you don't have enough rest. However if this persist for very long as in months, consider switching industry. Kitchen is not for you.

7: For people who are forgetful (like me), bring along a fine tip non toxic marker when u work. Any sudden request or instruction or things in the oven, write down on you arms. when you can see you won't forget. E.g. Chinese kitchen, steam rice in pressure steamer, if over steam the rice will turn yellowish. So i write down rice on my arm and time taking out of steamer. "rice 11am"

8: this industry is small so reputation is important.

9: remember that your energy level when you are young will not be with you forever go all out and have fun!

10: Maximize your rest day to really take a break and let loose. Go watch movie, dine out, party, clubbing, drinking. U need to unwind or you will surely go crazy.

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