Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spice Odyssey

This is my final project to showcase the progress we have learned for the past 16mth

Our group's project theme is health and beauty and we decided a sub theme, Zen. The idea is to simplify on decor yet looks classy and elegant, with feel...

Oh well, even bring out buddha statue from home hahhahaha...

As for the food, It is also looks simplified yet complicated.

(Appetizer) Yin Yang Herbal Chicken soup with Silken Tofu

The came simply from herbal chicken soup with black chicken where it is commonly consumed as nourishment for good health. With my team member Clavin who have many years of experience in Chinese cuisine, we developed this. Herbal soup, we did double boil method to control the strength of herbs and bitterness. Sausage was made with technique i learn from Fullerton. We both agree to rehydrate the wolfberry instead of cooking the wolfberry to retain nutrient and prevent the soup turn slightly sour and bitter. Dou hua was homemade on the day itself with strong soya milk. I would have never though dou hua will go well with herbal soup till I really tried this combination. Sounds weird but seriously the flavour proves otherwise.

(Entree) Pepes Ayam with Ketupat Nasi and Serondeng

My team member Lulu is your typical sweet little Indonesian country girl. But she really got some skills up her sleeve. Tender chicken breast cooked in high nutrition blend of spices and coconut water (not coconut cream). Power packed flavour, high in nutrition and dietary fiber.

(Pre-Desset) Lemongrass Citron Gelee with Basil Seed

I wanna do a palate cleanser due to the fact our dishes are pretty strong and desserts are pretty lite in flavour. Made with lemon juice, lemon zest, lemongrass, sugar and "Ai Yu" compound. Vitamin C and antioxidant.

(Hot Dessert) Choux with pineapple compote and fresh green apple

The masterpiece of Sofia and Irene. Choux was made with olive oil instead of butter to give it a cruncher texture and lower saturated fat. Spices was incorporated into the pineapple compote to give it a boost of flavour and add depth. An apple a day keep the doctor away :)

(Cold dessert) Sakura Ice-Cream

Weird looking and uniquely tasting. Hahaha...

This project is actually like a competition simulation where the process of developing a dish from idea in mind into paper then finally into something edible. Well documented R&D, recipe testing and the final showdown with an intense schedule. Really amazing. Will i do it again? probably NEVER! Ahahahaha!

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