Friday, September 23, 2011

New Beginning!

WARNING: Do not scroll down if you are hungry...

I left my job few weeks ago and quickly went into conceptualizing a business venture. The most important thing from this business venture is to learn as much as i can about setting up f&b outlet by really setting up one :)

Initial stage was pretty bad. Sourcing for location, negotiation of the rent, planning the kitchen, planning the menu and finally the opening. I knew nothing at all! Step by step using the guide at, i manage to get it going and open the stall in less then 20 days upon securing the location.

After a week of soft launch, the French coffeeshop stall, Le Cuisson, is officially open!

Even when working 16h a day, i do feel tired but i feel its worth it. Spending the extra time to go wet market early in the morning to get some fresh produce, fresh egg and check out the fresh seafood just to make sure our customer get the best our budget can offer. Making our own stock from roasting bones to make soup is really tiring. But when customers commented its good, its worth it even if i only sleep 5h a day.

After the 3rd day of soft launch, we decided to have a special of the day daily! That means a new dish every day! It will be rough but fun :)

Enjoy the photo. Some will be on the menu for some time, others will probably appear once in a while :)

Salmon Rillette

Caesar Salad

French Onion Soup

Orecchiette pasta with confit de canard ragu, sous vide egg.

Chicken Roulade, Pea pomme puree, Roasted mushroom with haricot verts, brandy chicken jus

Pomme frites with Sauce BĂ©arnaise

180-190g Steak Frites

Braise Short Ribs

Egg Benedict

Grill Foie Gras

If u are wondering... We are serving these food in coffeeshop in porcelain plates!

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