Monday, September 5, 2011


It was after Army Half marathon i am so damn hungry that i'll just settle for anywhere near my place. I was thinking of going adam road food center for nasi lemak or mee rebus, then i saw this place which used to be Ubin seafood and used to be Cafe Iguana.

It looks really good on the outside with the nice decor and feel it gives, perfect for brunch setting. Then i just park around the restaurant and forget about my adam road food center.

First thing that caught my eye, the egg benedict. I had an awesome one over at spruce few weeks ago. So it somehow became a benchmarking tool to gauge the restaurant.

Typically after run, the best liquid you can have is beer :D With 7kcal/g of alcohol and full of easily absorbed H2O with vitamin and minerals, what else could be better? HAhahaha....

Jokes aside, I was kinda disappointed with only 2 beer on the tap and the rest are actually bottled beer. The beverage list is full of wine but how many people actually drink wine during brunch other then me who drinks anything and everything especially sparking wine?

Well ambiance wasn't too bad and service is actually pretty friendly but not attentive.

Let's forget all the above and focus on the food since its all that matters.


Can i say its and EPIC FAILUR? Somehow the hollandaise is pretty weird (I think i am qualified to say that since i have a diploma in culinary arts and i worked at some place that does it by hand everyday) colour and texture wise. It's almost mayonaise like consistency (too thick)! The taste wise, i would prefer they let me have the option to add black pepper or not. Its pretty strong on the black pepper and lack acidity to bring down the richness of the sauce.

What can be worst than that i thought... Until i hit the yolk. Cold egg yolk? Unacceptable.

At this quality and the price they command (i can't remember was it $12 or $14), seriously NOT worth a visit for brunch. (but i'll probably come during brunch time for a drink or 2)

That said, i'll still come one day to try out the dinner menu. It looks pretty promising because there is quite a bit of French selection and i love French food.

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