Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Quarter Life Crisis

When life starts to get monotonous, i start to wonder what is our purpose in life. Doing the same routine over and over again, what is my purpose in life?

Past year was full of ups and downs.

Had a great thing going on running a small place i could call my own, till its time to move on.

Getting stuck in negative thoughts but i have to put up a strong front so people around me wouldn't be affected by the negativity.

Cooking shows on TV always fascinates me. From Martin Yan's, if Yan can cook so can you till Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson, i grew up being passionate about food. As i started to be exposed to more when i enter the industry, seeing the other side of the glamorous, it really got me thinking...

Sometimes i wish there was a reset button in life (am i the only one?), one press and we could start all over again making better decisions based on educated guess.

When i was younger in my school days, read a book on "Who moved my cheese?" Being comfortable in life who would like changes? Then also in secondary school we were introduced the concept of the rat race. A never ending race in life to nowhere.

Somehow i felt something was missing, but can't pin point what is it.

Took some time off to collect my thoughts, sort things out in life. Decided that i should reset it.


In April this year, i made some plans and started to empty out my bank account, every last penny i saved over the year! I thought starting from Zero will be like a reset in life, starting everything afresh.

Took up Scuba Diving, something i wanted to do for years but always postpone with excuses in life and work. Went for Open water and Advance Open Water 3 months apart and planning for next dive in Phuket with my buddies next year.

Found a job in somewhere more casual and different from what i used to do. Learning American cuisine from an American chef.

Do a stagiaire on my off days at a friend's japanese sushi bar learning the art of Japanese cuisine.

Got back to running and did a triathlon after stopping for a year. Signed up for a marathon after stopping for 2 years.

Finally got the courage to ask the girl out and regretted never did so earlier. Bought my first bouquet of rose for her, taking her out for a meal that probably no one at our age could afford and would willing to spend on, and never regret a single moment spending with her and to finally hold her hands.

Tailor a suit for my one and only Sister's wedding next year. Its the time in life where everyone seems to grow up already.

Pick up pipe smoking from a dear friend, learning the meaning of slowing down in life when everything starts to get too fast too furious again.


Spending time underwater and training runs gives me so much time alone to reflect in life.

Finally found the thing i lost along the way when i try to grow up too fast...

I lost...


Instead of thinking why am i doing this over and over again, i should be thinking how to improve what i do everyday and why am i doing this in the first place.

My happiness comes from the satisfaction i get when people i serve are happy. I love cooking for people knowing that they could have gone to other place and chose to dine with us, creating a memory for them in a chapter in their lives.

"To do what i want to do the best i can and leave no regrets"

That should be my motto in life right now.

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  1. 7 months of being together with you, more than a decade of knowing you, happy birthday to you, love!