Friday, May 21, 2010

Dou Hua (豆花 ) FAQ...

Someone ask me what is

"- 3 钱 Gypsum powder (easily obtainable from Chinese pharmacy 石膏粉)"

"3" is three...
"钱" or Qian is the unit of measurement for this traditional Chinese scale... "Gypsum powder" is a coagulant. Wiki it if u dunno what is it.

"easily obtainable from Chinese pharmacy" Places that sells traditional Chinese medicine. but not sure if modern one like Yu Ren Sheng have it or not... Best bet will be neighborhood TCM shop or chinatown.

"石膏粉" or Shi Gao Fen is what Gypsum powder is known in Chinese. If u walk into a TCM shop and ask for Gypsum powder, most probably they will scratch their head. Most TCM shop only know its Chinese name.

So get it? any more questions?


  1. Hello. May I know where can you get this traditional chinese scale in Singapore??