Thursday, May 6, 2010

Non Traditional Bee Sting Cake

Why is it call bee sting cake? I looks like bee stung on it lar! Did a non traditional one. The main difference is i separate the components while the original ones bakes everything together and with the addition of yeast. I personally prefer it without yeast. I'm no pastry chef with any pastry training. Follow the recipe at your own risk :D

Ingredients + Method:


Whisk 5 egg white and 50g sugar till soft peak stage.

Whisk 5 egg yolk till smooth, add 100g sifted plain flour and 20g corn starch. Add in 30ml *Amaretto. Whisk till fluffy.

*(The original recipe ask for bitter almond aroma which i don't have so i substitute with almond liqueur and it works!)

Add both mixture together and fold in well. Pour into a springfoam pan ( i love non stick springfoam :D ) bake it at 175 DegC for 20 mins.


Creme Patisserie

Boil 500ml of full cream milk with 1 tsp vanilla essence.

Mix 6 egg yolk, 250g sugar and 60g flour into a paste then...

Pour hot milk into the mixture, mix well then...

Bring it back to the heat and cook until it thickens while removing the raw flour taste at the same time. Note that it will stick to the bottom of the pan easily but do not scrape it. Pour the creme into a flat pan, cling wrap it making sure the wrap is touching the creme surface. Put into the chiller for rapid cooling.

Almond Crust

Melt 80g butter and 80g sugar in a saucepan.

Add in 200g almond flakes and toss it well. Add 30ml of Amaretto, stir well.

Let it cool a little and check on the cake. Lay on a flat tray and bake at 180 DegC for 10 mins.

Make sure everything is cooled before starting assembly.

To Assemble...

Whip 150ml of cream.

Add in the chilled creme mixture. Mix well.

Spread the creme patisserie in between the cake.

Top with the almond crust.

Enjoy :)

I love it with Amaretto!

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