Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to make Dou Hua (豆花 )!

Well, making dou hua for service is part of my job. Huh? people still make their own dou hua? i tot things like that are just churn out from a factory and thats it. well, it seems i'm in for some old school lesson on one of the most traditional chinese source of protein.

Soak 300g soya bean overnight.

Blend with 3.5L of water. This 1 horsepower blender is so sexy :) I love this baby :)

Strain with a cheese cloth, squeeze dry.

Take about 100ml to dissolve
- 3 钱 Gypsum powder (easily obtainable from Chinese pharmacy 石膏粉, calcium sulfate hemihydrate)
- 8 钱 corn flour
- 8 钱 potato flour

Edit: The conversion is roughly... (but not accurate)
- 15g Gypsum powder (easily obtainable from Chinese pharmacy 石膏粉)
- 40g corn flour
- 40g potato flour

Add panadn leafs to the rest of the soya milk.

Cook the soya milk till it boil and till it foams up quickly u know u are done! Make sure u stir quickly and continuously so it doesn't stick to the bottom. Only after it boils, turn of the flame and quickly....

strain it.

Using your hand, quickly stir and dissolve the flour. turn up the heat and boil the soya milk again then quickly pour it into the flour mix. the whole process of the soya milk first boil till u pour everything in should be less then 1 min.

Cover it to keep it warm :) don't touch it and don't move it for at least 30 min to let it set properly. Once set, be gentle to it like how a guy should be to a lady :)

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