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Biz Wellness: Inspirational Series Part II – Wilson Ang

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“Losing weight is not easy but it is not hard either. It all depends how much you really want it.”

Wilson Ang has lost 50 kilograms since he first made the decision to lose weight. His weight was at a hefty 150 kilograms when he got called up for National Service. At that time, he knew that something was not right as even walking up the stairs proved to be a challenge.

To Wilson, the simplest form of exercise was jogging. He started jogging to lose weight, shaving off a kilogram at a time. A week before he enlisted in the Army, Wilson weighed 130 kilograms – losing 20 kilograms by walking and jogging consistently for a few months.

In the army, he lost even more weight. However, Wilson’s weight loss soon came to a plateau and he did not lose any weight for a few months. After joining the SAFRA Mount Faber Running Club, Wilson managed to rekindle his motivation to lose weight.

Now weighing at 100 kilograms, Wilson managed to complete the Singapore SAFRA Bay Run (SSBR) & Army Half Marathon (AHM) 2009 in an astonishing personal best of 2 hours and 25 minutes.

1) When did you first decide to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle?

I have always wanted to lose weight but I never knew how to start. Then, before enlisting into the army, I went for a medical check-up. The medical officer presented me with two choices: I could lose weight, or I could be fat for the rest of my life. Naturally, I chose to lose weight. I was eventually placed in PES BP.

(Editor’s note: PES (physical employment status) BP is a medical status code applicable only to obese recruits which means he is fit to render full basic military service for 26 weeks for Singapore’s National Service).

2) How did training for the SSBR & AHM help you achieve your weight loss goals?

To train for the SSBR & AHM, all I had to do was to keep running. The more I ran, the further I ran, and therefore the longer I exercised. This helped me burn off the fats in my body. I believe that exercise is the key to weight loss.

3) How did you regain your confidence when your weight loss reached a plateau?

Before June 2009, I trained alone most of the time. But back then, I did not have any idea how to run properly. That was, until I decided to join the Safra Mount Faber running club after my operationally-ready date (ORD) (or completion of the National Service stint). I joined them for free interval training. Initially the Mount Faber hill was a nightmare to run, but now it’s an exciting training ground for me. It was only until I could catch up with the slowest runner in the club that I realised I could run 10km in 55 minutes. My previous timing for a 10km is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Although I was not losing any weight, the fact that I was improving on my running time was sufficient enough for me to regain my confidence.

4) Being a food lover and a chef, do you avoid eating certain kinds of food to lose weight?

As a food lover, I do not restrict the type of food I eat. However, I eat everything in moderation. Being a chef, and a nutritionist at the same time, gave me a better idea on how to plan my diet according to my activity level.

5) What does your meal plan look like on a typical day?

Breakfast is essential. I usually have congee with meat or fish. As for lunch, I have the staff meal at my workplace where I will have two portions of vegetables and one portion of meat. I also take some fruits during lunchtime; apple is my favourite. But due to the fact I only have time to run during shifts, I try not to eat too much during lunch.

After my run, I will have some fruits and hydrate myself really well with water. As for dinner, I would take the staff meal too – but I will go low on carbohydrates if I’m not doing any night run or weight training.

6) A time of 2 hours and 15 seconds for 21km is a great feat to accomplish. How did you train for the SSBR & AHM 2010?

I am really busy with school and work attachments right now, so all I can do is to run or swim during shifts on my working day.

7) Do you intend on breaking your own record this year? If yes, by how many seconds/ minutes?

Due to the lack of training this year, I don’t expect to break my previous record of 2 hours 15 minutes. Nonetheless, I am aiming to do it less than 2 hours and 30 minutes.

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