Monday, July 11, 2011

Form affects Taste and Texture.

Loup de mer with courgette spaghetti, kalamanta olives, piperade, tomato confit, lobster bisque foam.

Today for lunch service Nicholas and I went to the chiller and look around then decide on the garnish for the loup de mer. We came up with the idea of courgette spaghetti with Mediterranean flavours. End result is really exciting.

By changing the form of courgette, its ability to cling onto flavours (sauce) and the time to cook it to make it al dente all changes. An easy to fire garnish that has an ability to cling onto the flavours of the piperade, kalamanta olives and white wine so nicely. Really, now i should really start looking at the common ingredients differently.

How to take things one level up all the time? That is the challenge, my job.

Things that makes my job interesting.

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