Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Food Suppliers in Singapore...

Is it because we are a small operation or maybe because we are located in a coffeeshop where the price is too cheap?

Somehow i have this feeling that a few of the suppliers in singapore does not respect small establishments.

We do meet the minimum delivery requirement, the volume we sell is about the same or more then a bistro, we don't delay our payments.

All we ask...

- Do not deliver between 11am-2pm which almost all restaurants i work at have such a requirement because that is the busy lunch rush hour.

- Do not send us shit. We pay the price listed in the quotation, why send rotten food to us?

Food industry in Singapore have a long way to go if our supplies do not value the quality of the product they sell. Food is more then just a business, its a way of life.

Meanwhile, I love suppliers i can meet face to face and have a chat with them.

Chia Vegetable Supply @ Tekka Market is a very good stall. Victor is the man, good knowledge, good prices, great variety, fresh produce. Mesclun salad in a wet market? i guess they are the only one with things like Mesclun, Baby bell pepper, fresh rosella, jalapeno pepper, truffle oil, etc... Amazing stall.

Just see how big is their stall! Amazing!


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