Saturday, December 3, 2011

Zushi Bar

A great new establishment had pop up around Serangoon. Love japanese food but constantly thinking about the price?

I sorta know the chef a little... so...

I challenged the chef with this. $50, i'll take anything, omakase!

First up, Sashimi! Quality and freshness? Exceptional! The scallop was especially good with nice flavour of the sea.

Tuna Tataki, scallop and uni. I'm a sucker for uni, Love It!

What amaze me the most was this. A Daikon Salad? Slightly sweet, its so nice and refreshing i almost licked the plate clean!

Here i was introduced something that was new to me, Soy wrapper. Well it is really something different. Also homemade Ikura, superb intense flavour, not stingy on mirin, not diluted with water.

Assorted Sushi

This was the chef special, the double dragon roll. Salmon sashimi on the inside and Aburi salmon on the outside. The freshness is the key and the Aburi lends a slight smokey flavour. Great dish to finish the meal.

The chef was a friend so i'm not sure if the chef will entertain any random tom dick and harry show up and do the same thing as i did. But if you are craving for some japanese food or you like quality japanese food with a personal touch, this is the right place.

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