Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rejuvenated, Reborn...

Its been awhile since i last blog, busy with work and have no life. Sometime i wonder why... Then what happens next? I left my work place, found a new job, and have time to take a break.

Most memorable thing i did was to fulfill my long time wish of learning scuba diving. i had 2 weeks before i start work so i email around to see which dive school can fit my timeframe.

Ended up in Gill Divers taking the PADI route, 2 nights of theory course which is pretty easy, a day in swimming pool for competency test and practicing of safety skill sets. All set to go for my weekend trip.

Day 1

Was really bored and finished packing just before 4pm on the day of departure.

Went down early to gills divers area and grab a bite before the long bus ride.

Reach gills just after 5pm and waited.

Before boarding the bus, the dive instructors asked us to have the final check on the dive equipments and we are set to go :)

The bus drove off and soon we reached Tuas checkpoint. On the bus the organizer collected a fee from each person (5RM for marine park fee and 5RM for Malaysia customs express clearing)

Passing thru the customs was a breeze and off we go for the freaking long ridetowards mersing. Had a pit stop after getting caught in a bad traffic jam for 1-2h.

We finally reached mersing jetty just before 11pm. It started raining heavily at some point that some people couldn't board the boat while I'm here in the boat typing these on my iphone notepad and waiting...

At 12am everyone finally boarded and off we go...

It wasn't the smoothest ride after the rain, but sleeping helps.

Finally reached Dayang island resort at 4am, checked into the resort was a breeze. Why? We are the only ones at Dayang! Hahaha..

Day 2

Rise and shine! No need alarm clock because cant really sleep well. Woke up and soon time for some breakfast!

View from the resort goes like this. Waking up to this every morning would be amazing...

Looks simple but when you are hungry anything goes.

Then it's some briefing then off to our first dive! Our instructor wanted to give us a chance to experience shore dive and boat dive so we actually started from land for the first dive.

It was kinda awesome like what u see in movie navy seal going for mission, gearing up and going into the sea.

Dive one and dive two is all about repeating what we did in the pool session. Was pretty awesome seeing the school of fishes swimming about while u do the skills required.

Then the third dive is all about water confidence and swimming around. The fishes are so pretty, it's unbelievable!

After 3 dives everyone was pretty much exhausted... Its actually very physically challenging with the heavy equipment and the finning to move about.

Alfresco Dinner without lights and with Beer :D

However I still manage to squeeze out a little energy for some beach volleyball :) then it was shower, beer and dinner! Chit chat with my fellow divers and had an awesome night without connecting to the Internet. A true get away!

Before heading to bed, we had a debriefing regarding today's dive and filled in our dive log 潜水记!

The amazing group with the world coolest Dad bringing his 12yo daughter and 14yo son to dive with him, Brit working in Singapore for a weekend holiday, Koreans who just landed a job in Singapore, Hong kong student with a strong british accent on school break, NDU (Naval diving unit) guy accompanying his GF to take open water course, My buddy Christ a Brit last few days in singapore before moving to Japan for work and of course me the Chef in between jobs :)

Great Instructor Douglas, Divemaster Thomas and Johnny. Funny guys hahaha...

Somehow I feels like I'm still underwater with current. Hope I don't get sea sick in bed! Hahhaa

Day 3

Woke up really early getting ready for our first dive at first light. Feeling really excited :)

Boat left, equipment rigged up, all set, ready to sink!

Dive 4 and 5 was the best dive ever! Huge ass pufferfish, stingrays, turtles, clown fish (nemo), school of barracudas, weird looking sea slugs and funky looking corals! A whole new world below!

Logging the last 2 dive in the morning. and yes, instructor got attacked by triggerfish hahaha...

Its time to say goodbye to Dayang Resort...

On our journey way back on the ferry, we saw some dolphins swimming by. What a bonus to end the trip :)

And looking at nothing but this is therapeutic.

And here we are, at the boring bus ride back to Singapore :)

Home sweet home

Got myself a new dive buddy at Mersing Jetty. Baby Turt will remind me that i should be back soon to visit his family and friends :)

Possible next dive site?


  1. Hi Wilson! Chanced upon your blog and realized that you're YP's friend! Small world!

    1. oh. I guess u must be the foodie friend she mentioned!