Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sous Vide cooking!

I heard about this product 2 years back... Manage to got hold onto some of this amazing product today.

Sous Vide cooking is getting common and can be even found in some coffeeshop stalls. But recently(past 1 or 2 year), one food supplier brought in something amazing to Singapore that brought sous vide cooking into a new level. 

Introducing... Cooking Sous Vide on a Plancha!

First of all i must state that im no guru in sous vide cooking (under a water bath) and certainly not in this kind of sous vide cooking (over plancha). I was told this sous vide bag could withstand higher temperature then normal. I love experimenting and today is the day i really learn something by this experiment.

In this experiment i used a nice piece of salmon fillet seasoned with fennel pollen, salt and pepper then into the bag with some beurre noisette. Placed the skin side down and flip over after a few min.

I was amazed by the look on the skin. Obviously there were some nice colouration! Maillard reaction still occur while a layer of plastic is over it! After some time, i flip it over again and OMG.

You have to see it to believe it. One thing about cooking in the bag this way, even though i vacuum it till 99.9% the 0.01% air expand upon heated and there will be some steaming reaction going on in the bag giving it a pretty even cooking throughout.

End result was pretty unbelievable! It has the texture and taste of a brown butter poach salmon, it has the nice flavour coming from the maillard reaction that formed somewhat a light crust. about a 200g portion took 7-8mins to achieve medium doneness. 

One of the best thing i felt that the moisture was 100% sealed in the bag and nothing was lost in the process of cooking. All the flavour from the seasoning and butter was "pushed" into the fish.

However due to the light steaming effect in the bag, i was unable to get a crispy skin. 

There is so much more to learn about this new age sous vide bag. 

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