Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The 1000KM Project

Past 2 year of my life or should i say no life have a great impact on my health and fitness. I used to be able to run 10km easily, used to be able to cycle 40km when i feel like it, used to weigh 96kg.

After starting work and totally immerse myself in my work, i slowly stop exercising regularly and begin to have a bad uncontrolled diet.

To further worsen the situation, i had an accident earlier this year that require many stitches and took me 2 month to heal and another 2 month to be able to jog again. Though now i still feel some pain while i jog.


I have set a simple and achievable target for myself... To Swim, cycle and run a collective 1000km from 1st June 2012 till 31st December 2012.

I used to do 40km run a week and cycle up to 120km a week. 1000km seems too easy? Well, i have stop exercising for some time and my fitness dropped sharply. Past few weeks i have been conditioning myself with swimming during split shift and some short jogging after work.

With Army half marathon, osim triathlon and Stand Chart marathon in mind, i should be able to achieve the 1000km target.

Date: 31st May 2012
Weight: 122kg
Goal Achieved: 0/1000 KM

Some kick ass looking bikes :)

Well I love my Giant OCR2, it been thru so much with me. Served me well for 3 triathlons and countless of cycling at East coast park.

But its time i move onto something more professional :) The big boys toy!

I shall reward myself with a awesome Tri Bike if I did finish it :) But i probably can't afford one anyway :)

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