Tuesday, July 3, 2012

RE: 1000KM Project

First day back at work after the diving trip, feeling amazing, like a machine. I am rejuvenated like never before! Tonnes of mise en place but i plan it in such a good flow that i actually finished my task and did other people's task! 

During split shift, i went for a swim, the water was really cold after the morning rain. Felt fantastic and the cold water had a reminiscence of the deep dive i had, i went all the way to swim 2km instead of my usual 1km. 

Went back to work and push on, even finish the mise en place for tomorrow's prep work. After work feeling awesome, i stop by the track for a 4km run! 

Reached home completely exhausted yet satisfied :) 

Date: 3rd July 2012
Weight: 117kg
Goal Achieved: 94/1000 KM (6km Swim, 60km cycle, 28km run)

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