Thursday, April 8, 2010

Al Fungi Fusilli with Spicy Italian Sausage in white wine cream sauce

Just another pasta for carbo loading meal... with 3 more days to go, i need to store as much energy as possible for that race day energy bank :)


Olive Oil
White Onion
Chilli Padi
Mixed Mushroom
Spicy sausage
White wine
Sea salt
Lemon juice
Truffle oil


1) Sweat the onions and add in chilli padi, quick saute, add in mushrooms and sausage.
2) Once the mushroom is soften, add in white wine to deglaze the pan and add in cream.
3) Cook till the cream is thick, add in salt and lemon juice to season.
4) Toss in the pasta and give it a good toss in the pan till its well coated with the sauce
5) Remove from heat and splash some truffle oil over it.
6) Serve hot =)

*Chilli padi and lemon juice is optional but i tend to get sick of cream sauce cause its heavy. The spicy chilli padi and tangy lemon juice will help counter that feeling.

**Since this is a mushroom pasta, how can i miss out truffle oil? Just a splash give it shine and the aroma is amazing :)

***I dunno if its a personal preference or what but i hate to see "soup" in pasta. Pasta should be well coated with sauce not soup. I don't like to see a puddle of sauce left over in the plate after finish eating!

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