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The ambiance is pretty good for a quite night out with a couple of friends enjoying good Italian food. My best bet would be a great meal indoor followed by a bottle of wine alfresco, that will end the night perfectly.

Not Much picture i have because the lighting is pretty poor for picture.

Hokkaido scallops and parma ham carpacio:

From my point of view, a cold appertizer should always be served cold. The seasoning and marinade for the scallops was pretty good, but if it was cold, it would be better. Maybe freeze the dressing and make it into crush ice and sprinkle on top of the scallop?

Food Rating: 5/10

Slices of veal loin with tuna mayonnaise:

This is pretty good. The taste of the tuna complements the veal loin which is shave really thinly. Served with some greens, definitely a good choice for starter.

Food Rating: 7/10


My friend had a risotto and i took a portion of it. It was good. Nicely done risotto rice, not overcooked like many places. Probably uses homemade stock for cooking the risotto.

Food Rating: 7.5/10

Red Snapper with clams and muscles:

I can't believe OChre actually serve this. I was pretty upset and angry that i ask the waiter to come and smell the dish. It smells like dead shellfish. The waiter gave an excuse of its probably the white wine, but i'm sure she didn't know all the 5 of us seated works in the kitchen. I demanded the dish to be sent back and they replaced it and gave a reason it was the muscles that was spoil and spread to the whole dish. Guess what, the fish was cold, they just took out the muscles and sauce then replace it. I can't believe it... they actually screwed up this dish which is pretty simple to make.

Food Rating: 0/10 (before)
Food Rating: 3/10 (after)

Steak with foie gras:

I had this for my main. Ordered a medium rare and was served a medium rare. Very happy about it. Simple dish that won't go wrong. Served with some grilled vegetables and mash with a splash of sauce espagnole. Simple clean flavour, not much seasoning on that good piece of meat which really draws out the flavour of the beef very well. One thing i don't like personally was the foie gras. It was crispy on the outside with a layer of caramelized sugar but cold like terrine on the inside. Its just personal preference that i love every component of my main course to be warm.

Food Rating: 7.9/10

Squid ink pasta with seafood:

Another simple dish that was a true test of skills. Pasta dish is like fried rice in Chinese restaurant; many place can make it but not make it well... The pasta here was pretty decent, not too dry and not too much sauce like soup. seasoning was good, but there is just no wow factor in this dish.

Food Rating: 6/10


I'm in an Italian restaurant, of course must try the tiramisu lar! look wise is pretty weird with sticks of chocolate poking out everywhere... Taste wise was pretty good. But i had better ones at al forno. The taste of liquor, cream and coffee is pretty balance, texture was good and moist but not wet, overall nth to fault this cake.

Food Rating: 8/10

Panna cotta:

Nice and wobbly and Peter loves it. It was nice and smooth, not too sweet with that tart acidity of the berry compote.

Food Rating: 7/10

Creme Brulee (Orange, pistachio, coffee)

Not sure if something is wrong, but the texture is very watery. The orange one was not bad, refreshing! Pistachio one was so-so only. I like the coffee one the most but still because of the watery texture, i don't really enjoy it that much.

Food Rating: 5/10

Mille Feuille:

This was the best dessert i felt overall and everyone on the table agreed. Texture wise it has a good contrast of the smooth and creaminess and the crispy puff pastry. Taste is sweet but a slight hint of savory. Appearance of the dish is great. Simple, clean lines with fresh berries. great colour combination that excites the senses.

Food Rating: 8.5/10

My impression of this place is pretty much spoiled by the fish dish but overall i can't fault them, it still serves some pretty decent food.

Service: Mixed feeling. Sometimes attentive yet at times not. trying to smoke 5 person who just happen to all work in kitchen that the smell comes from white wine? I'm very sure it comes from dead shellfish...

Value: $30-50 for a quick meal, $50-100 for a decent full course meal

Address: 181 Orchard Road #11-03/04 Orchard Central
Opening Hours: 11.30am–3pm, 5.30pm–11pm
Telephone: +65 6634 0423
Website: (not that i know of...)

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