Monday, April 12, 2010

OSIM Triathlon 2010

Participated this years event with much lesser training then desired due to other commitments like School, Exams, Practical exams, Attachments, FHA culinary challenge...

However, i still manage to squeeze in some training here and there to try and make this event a better one then last year :)

2009 Swimming Timing: 00:41:30
2010 Swimming Timing: 00:44:55

Slight deterioration due to the fact i really can't squeeze in time for pool sessions. However i still manage to do a couple of pool session to maintain the "feel". I must say this year's swimming condition was not very good either... Currents was pretty strong and at some point of time i felt swimming stationary and also some point of time i was pushed off course. Nevertheless, i followed my game plan which is sticking to the back of the pack, and take my own sweet time swimming :) No more elbows and kicks to the face this year hahaha :)

2009 Cycling Timing: 01:39:47
2010 Cycling Timing: 01:29:42

I guess this is a classic example of practice makes perfect :) Last year, cycling in a race for the first time, i had no idea where to go all the way, where to take it easy. This year, with more training on my bike and a solid game plan, i was able to shave off 10mins from the bike leg :) So happy about my timing for bike leg as i have targeted below 1:30 for the bike leg. Training do contributed so much to the timing. Due to the fact most of my training time is after work which is like 10.30pm, the only option for me is to cycle and run. Did quite a few brick training and at days i am really tired after working from 10am-10.30pm i only did cycling training.

2009 Running Timing: 01:20:05
2010 Running Timing: 01:17:45

Some improvements over here too. I'm sure that with more training time, i could have achieve better timing for the 10k run but i guess still not enough. This year, with the game plan of hydrating myself with 2L of fluid (consisting 3 sodium tablet, 1L 100plus, 1L water) and 3 packs of gel spread evenly on the bike leg of the race, i have no stitches and no cramp on the running leg. However due to the lack of fitness, i was not able to sustain the pace i would like to have and i had to do some walk and run on the second lap of the run.

2009 Overall Timing: 03:41:22
2010 Overall Timing: 03:32:21

Not bad timing for me but i was looking at just under 3:30. I shall have to buck up and work harder on the run leg next year to shave off some time.

EDIT: Received the Race Cert!

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