Tuesday, June 12, 2012

RE: 1000KM Project

Went for a 1km swim yesterday, and met up with my buddies at Safra Mount Faber for a run. Intended route was maybe up Mount Faber but was later changed to Keppel bay. Then unexpectedly we explored into a new route connecting keppel bay with labrador park. around 6km route back to safra Mount Faber.

And i manage to squeeze in a quick 1km swim today. Feeling really pumped up after looking at this picture circulating on FB.

Maybe i should keep a set of runner gear in my car and stop by a running track on my way home for a HIIT session :) 

Date: 12th June 2012
Weight: 119kg
Goal Achieved: 72/1000 KM (2km Swim, 60km cycle, 10km run)

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