Friday, June 15, 2012

RE: 1000KM Project

A colleague of mine need to go hospital to visit his mum. So i gotta cover more timing with a split shift. 

Few weeks back when i was trying to visit my dad in TTSH, its not really suitable for people in my line... The visiting hours are my busy hour and they have real strict control who and how many goes up for a visit. But hey, luckily they are pretty helpful and helped pass my dad some cut fruits i brought for him. Bad thing, strictly no visiting on non visiting hours.

I have no problem covering shift because to me family is important and i actually got the time to go for a nice afternoon swim and i get to work 2 exciting service today :)

Colleague are family, colleague's family are family. 

Date: 16th June 2012
Weight: 118kg
Goal Achieved: 77/1000 KM (3km Swim, 60km cycle, 14km run)

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