Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to make Glazed Vegetables...

Well, instead of the boring boiled vegetable and unhealthy MSG loded vegetables, what can we do to make it delicious and healthy?

Here is a simple suggestion on what you could do.

The idea of glazing vegetable is simple. Firstly u choose vegetables that can absorb water well, i.e. Root vegetables. Then get ready chicken stock, some herbs and butter.

Over here i am glazing carrots.

First i pour just enough stock to cook the carrot (require some experience) then add in herbs (in my case i use garlic and thyme) and butter (french butter). Season with salt at this stage.

Let it cook down and reduce the stock. This way the carrot will absorb the flavourful stock and also the remaining stock will thicken up with the butter producing a glossy glaze.

Here i add in brocoli half way because it cooks faster.

After its done, there should not be so much liquid and the vegetables should be just nice done. If not, remove the vegetables and reduce the stock then add in the vegetables to coat with the glaze.

Serving Suggestion: Ha! Made coq au vin so need some vegetables to go along :)

  • Vegetables loses nutrient thru water blanching. However this method, the carrots was cook in the stock. The stock was reduced to a glaze and coat onto the vegetables. End story you get all the nutrient. Not to mention the flavourful chicken stock is definitely tastier then plain water.
  • It is essential to add in butter to not only make it glossy but also to give flavour. However, butter should not be in first as burnt butter will change the colour of the vegetable.
  • Even cooking is essential. Vegetables should be cut evenly, ideally bite size. Also, test the vegetable doneness wile cooking. Vegetable should retain some crunch, we are not babies, we are not eating baby food.
  • When i add in herbs and spices, i add them whole so its easier to remove after cooking.

Some other example:

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