Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maxwell Food Center, A place of hawker heavy weight unite!

Tian Tian Chicken Rice

Looks Simple? Look like just another plate of chicken rice? Overrated and overly absurd long queue? No. No. No!

Chicken here is cook in batches when the chicken running out then they will cook more. So you don't get chicken cook in the morning when u are buying dinner. Chicken here is cooked to just nicely done to ensure the perfect tenderness. Big, fat, plump, Juicy!

The rice itself is delicious and not really oily. You can't imagine they actually used chicken fat to cook the rice right? But who cares as long as its delicious :) Grains were well separated and dry, not lumpy.

Chilli sauce is nicely concocted but nothing special. Oh well, sometimes the chicken is so good that i don't even dip it into the chilli sauce. Instead i use the chilli sauce with my rice :D

Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake

UFO. $1.50 or $2(with oyster). First look not really appetizing. Second look into the deep fryer oil, not appetizing. Hey! But people say looks can be deceiving right?


Crispy on the outside, moist and juicy on the inside. You can give the oyster a miss if you are not a fan of overcooked oyster which in most of the case it is. However the filling have a balance flavour which will please everyone including Aliens....

Fried Sweet Potato Dumpling

Incorporating modern technology into hawker cooking. This stall looks very neat and clean! (They even have speed racks! You don't see most hawker stall invest this much in cleanliness and tidiness) I think this should be the most modern hawker stall in Singapore!


The balls are still roll by hands individually, no machines :)

Prices are pretty cheap. Such a wide variety, which is my favourite, make a guess... :)

Pandan Coconut :) Crispy, slightly chewy on the outside, not so sweet yet aromatic and delicious coconut infused with pandan flavours on the inside. I shall limit myself to only one as this is a calories bomb. (Sugar, Starch and Oil, how worst can it get? Hahaha...)

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