Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wee Nam Kee 威南记海南鸡饭餐室

If you ask me what if my favourite local food, I don't have to think to give you the answer. Its Chicken Rice! Nice and delicious rice which is so flavourful with tender steamed chicken (More like poached) or fragrant roast chicken (more like deep fried).

When ever i'm overseas, this is the first dish i'll miss and for sure after i come back to singapore, this is one of the priority dish to have.

My favourite stall is still Tian Tian Chicken Rice at Maxwell food center. However Wee Nam Kee which is near my place also serves up a good chicken rice without the queue.

This place is located near mediacorp so don't be surprise to see local celebrities. Other then chicken rice, they serve up some pretty decent Cez Char which is a good complementary if you want to have a wholesome dinner instead of just chicken rice.

Somehow i love the barley drink here. Love the thick consistency which has a strong flavour of pandan and barley.

As for the chicken, i always prefer the steamed chicken because that i think bring out the best of the chicken. Occasionally i love to order Yuan Yang, meaning both steam and roast chicken to pamper myself :) The sauce they have by the side is pretty standard; Chili Sauce, Dark Sauce and Ginger sauce. I love to mix all the sauce together to create my concoction.

Don't you just love the looks of it?

275 Thomson Road
#01-05 Novena Ville, Singapore

Opening Hours:


  1. How much for the Yuan Yang pictured with one bowl of rice plus 1 barley drink?

  2. Total cost $9.80.

    The portion of chicken is supposed for 2 person to share. But i love meat :)