Sunday, January 23, 2011

Le Chasseur

Having heard so much about this place from various people, i starting to wonder what is it all about... I have been here 3 or 4 years ago and it didn't leave much impression.

Still i decided to check this out to see what is so special about this place.

Firstly, the menu was pasted all over the wall with picture. I must say its quite a view. Simple yet delicious looking food is really the key to their success i think.

They trying to go traditional but what is with the shop name? Le "Char Siu" Hahaa...

After a really long and painful (aroma of the food from other table is killing us...) wait, The first dish arrived. It was a simple peppery soup with pork ribs and stomach. Soup was simple and delicious but i feel the pork ribs could be more tender. I like the way they make the pig stomach so clean and it was cook simply, perfectly.

Pork trotter with ginger and vinegar. Acquired taste but i love it. Pork was tender, nicely cooked with a sweet and lightly sour dark vinegar sauce. However i was disappointed to see some hair on the skin, not removed cleanly...

Prawn paste chicken. It was the perfect snack for beer! Boneless chicken leg cut into bite size, marinade with prawn paste, deep fried and serve with a power packed chili sauce. I have no complains for this dish!

Stir fry kai lan. A little disappointing as it is pretty dry and almost tasteless. It could probably get the healthier choice endorsement hahahaa... But the price is cheap, at $4.80, u can't find it elsewhere...

Next up is the Finale... the much raved about Claypot rice. Actually pretty much a disappointment. Probably because i have tasted the commonwealth avenue claypot rice when i was young, nothing could beat that. But the owner of that claypot rice is MIA now...


The service staff will first help you with mashing up the salted fish then drizzle a little dark soy over it then let us help ourselves. But $16+ for the large one is really expensive considering the pricing of their other dish. Anyway I'm not saying its not good. In fact, its pretty decent with wok hei, well separated basmati(long grain) rice and balanced flavours. I think it could do better with some lard infused in the rice and more salted fish for a more intense flavour. Good but overrated.

As for dessert, i chose to have a recommended dish which is the black fungus dessert. Nicely done, not too sweet. However if it was served with crushed ice instead of ice cubes, it would be much better in terms of mouth feel and connivence of eating.

I will be sure to go back to try more delicious looking dish like the fried pork knuckle and traditional soup.

31, New Bridge Road
Singapore 059393

Opening hours: 11am to 11pm daily

Tel: 63377677

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