Monday, January 10, 2011


Last week, i told myself to take a break for a week and adjust to my new job before starting my exercise regime. However today after reaching home, i feel so erm... Haiz....

No more procrastinating for me, I seriously need to keep in shape to pass my IPPT else i have to attend 8 weeks remedial training again at Maju camp :( which is a complete waste of time... I rather be working.

Why do the Singapore government like to torture its citizen this way? Not everyone in singapore is working 8-5 job leh... Could make my boss not happy, lower productivity during the period which could cause some impact on economy. Think i'm over-rating it saying it might have impact of economy? Go see for yourself the number of people attending RT... could add up to a few percent of total workforce population!


Have less then 6 month for sundown 42km marathon and less then 7 mth to Osim Triathlon.

Come on, this is not the time to slack! Run fat ass, RUN!

Shall start slow with 20km cycling @ 29-30km/h tomorrow!

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