Friday, December 3, 2010

14h to Race day! SCSM 2010

This year being so busy and tight in budget i only participated in 3 major events. Happy to finish my Osim Triathlon in a not too bad timing of 3:30h, was glad that my Army Half Marathon timing of 2:37h was not too far off from my PB of 2:15h.

Now the last challenge of 2010. SCSM 42km. I can't pen down any target because the last full marathon i ran was Adidas Sundown 2009. It would be just great if i can sustain a consistant 7:30 pace for the first 30km and let my will power push me on for the last 12km.

In order to prevent cramps, i have thought of a strategy of hydration and increase sodium intake. For today before i sleep at 6pm i will be drinking 3L of water and have a high sodium carbohydrate base meal. Should target 3000Kcal for today as tomorrow i'll need the extra energy to keep me going.

Prepare to have a substantial breakfast as this is going to be a long one unlike half marathon or triathlon. Probably a Roast Chicken Sandwich (Left over of the roast chicken i made today) with Milo.

Also i will be taking 1 packet of gel and 1 sodium pill along the way every 45 min of my run. Hope it works. During Adidas Sundown 2009 i had a ver nice and consistant run through out first 30km but the last 12km i had very bad cramp that forces me to stop for some time to do stretching and walk with a limp.

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