Saturday, December 4, 2010

Standard Charted Singapore Marathon 2010

Went to bed at around 8pm and woke up at 11pm. Couldn't fall asleep anymore, i decided to watch some DVDs b4 making breakfast.

Made a giant Roast Chicken(leftovers from yesterday) Sandwich with tomato, Romain Lettuce, Cheese and Mustard sauce. (While i was running i keep burping mustard hahaha! Lucky i did not add fresh onion XD)

Went out, reach Orchard, everything was smooth and i move into my pen (grey tag means 6h or more). Start off was great too, everything is great so far.

Until i reach fort canning tunnel =.='' A short tunnel but i sweat so much running that tunnel. Before that i was pretty dry with a warm up pace i had. Didn't go to any of the first 3 water point as i was still feeling perfect :)

At 10km mark, my timing was about 1h 30min. Indeed it was going according to plan as i heed the advice of seasoned runners from mount faber to have a proper warm up. For me at 10km i feel properly warm up so i proceed with my regular speed where i am comfortable yet require some effort. Saw Jackie when i was at about 12km on the other side already! So scary! I think he manage to hit his sub 3:15h target.

At 21km mark, i had a good timing of 2h 30min (better then my AHM timing this year LOL!). Soon after 21km is the U-turn meaning its half done :) Yeah! At about 25km my legs were feeling heavy so i decided to take it easy, walk and jog a little.

Was very glad to see "Chairman" from SAFRA MF RC having a private aid station at about 28km mark. He treated me a cup of hot kopi o. Wa so shoik! immediately after the kopi o i can feel the energy coming back to me. Although my legs were feeling heavy i manage to keep jogging for about 3km.

After the unreal 3km with my heavy leg, i think my legs gave way liaoz. So i deploy the target strategy. I aim sign board, distance marker, landmarks, buildings and hot babes along the way, jog towards the target then walk. After that, i repete the process by choosing another target again and again. This got me through but timing was pretty bad already. Initially at 30km mark i thought i could hit sub 6h timing but with the pair of heavy legs i re-adjust my target to 6:30h.

The part near but not so near finishing at the ECP expressway was torturous. Going up slope under the hot sun, i saw practically everyone around is walking. My left quads, right calf and right gluteus kinda feel funny already. so i decided to walk all the way to finish without risking injury. soon after it was a painful down slope as i could feel there are definitely some large patch of blister on the ball of my feet as i try to jog down a little.

Road towards finishing was pretty hot as it closes to noon time. At the last 1km i decided to squeeze every ounce of will power i have to finish strong by jogging all the way to the finish. A compliment to those who cheer the runners along the way.

Finally its Done :) No more event for this year :)

The Design of the Finisher tee was a little disappointing but i love the design of the medal :)

A new comer to the medal family :)

Had so much salt lost through sweat today, must really hydrate myself well and eat more salty food for the next 2 day to prevent cramps... Lucky i brought some sodium pills along with me today, if not cramp during the run means i'm so gonna get chao ta finishing at noon.

Summary of 2010 Result:

OSIM Triathlon - 3h 30min
Army Half Marathon - 2h 37min
Standard Charted Singapore Marathon - 6h 18min

PS: Surprisingly no injury, not even a blister for SCSM only a painful nipple abrasion...

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