Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to make "Instant" KimChi Fried Rice

After some 30km of cycling at 28km/h pace, i'm damn hungry at the wrong time. 12am, don't really wanna go out for supper alone, so i decided to cook :)

I don't really like watching korean drama but i was so bored so i decided to try korean drama for once. The first korean drama i watched in my life "Coffee Prince" was pretty good! So i was inspired to cook something a little korean :)

Mise En Place was pretty simple. The leftover rice from the bottom of the pan, leftover fried tilapia fish from dinner, chopped garlic, sliced gerkins and the main ingredient.... MAT KIMCHI! Importantly, prepare everything before cooking so cooking will be a breeze!
- First the rice was pretty fragrant because it a little carmelized but not burn and it is dry so easy to fry.
- Love to have some protein so leftover fish :) Can make do with anything from slice chicken to canned spam/luncheon meat.
- I just did my LASKI so garlic is really good. Garlic has natural anti inflammatory properties and is very flavourful. Thus less seasoning is required.
- I love to have some gerkin for that little crunch and slight sourish tangy feel. Very appetizing :)
- Kimchi is really flavourful on its own, but when cooking it, take note not to cook it too long as it will turn very soft and lose its flavour thru long period of heating.


- Fry garlic with a little oil till a little golden brown then add in kimchi and gerkin. If possible, add a little chicken stock(2-3 tbsp), else add tap water will do.
- Add in the protein which in my case is fish, toss it around a little then...
- Add in rice and toss it well, add just a little seasoning to taste. 1-2 tbsp soya sauce (i only use kikoman premium) will do.
- Serve hot. Optionally, add some more kimchi but let it sit on top of the hot rice a little while so that it warms up so by the time you eat, its warm not cold.

Simple and delicious :)

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