Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ming Chung Restaurant

I try my best not to write review for a place i went only once. For this restaurant, after several visit, i think i must write one. I wouldn't say its food is damn good. However this place certainly knows how to do comfort food. At least in my humble opinion it is very homely feel and i feel really at ease. Henghua cuisine in singapore is pretty rare according to my friend who is of heng hua origin. This place he claim served one of the better ones in Singapore. No doubt the dishes does have standard, flavour profile is very suitable for singaporean.

A wall full of past glory... This is a very clear message why this place is so pack at peak hours and the staff will require u to share table with other customer. First impression of the staff? Very "Dao". But seriously it is because they are very busy. If you can manage to chat a little with them u will find that they are actually very casual and friendly.

Very old school fitting, probably looks the same in the past decade. Except for the LCD TV of course :)
A little Malaysia feel of washing the cutlery with hot water. Oh i'm not having any limited edition of Corona which is black in colour, its actually black vinegar for the Star Dish of the restaurant!

Star of the restaurant.... *Drum Roll* White Lor Mee! Delicious broth made into a flavourful soup top with fresh clams, slice pork, prawn, special tao pok, veggy, squid and the main ingredient that qualify it as lor mee, the awesomely flavoured lor ba (Braise Pork Belly)! With the strong flavour of the braise pork belly it really somehow taste like lor mee. Without that it taste like a delicious seafood noodle :) Best eaten hot slurping down on a cold rainy night. Shoik!

Sambal Kang Kong with Cuttlefish. One of my favourite dish which has a fatel flaw in the dish. The kang kong is simply blanch but they did not drain the water off properly :( End result will dilute the awesome sambal sauce. What i do is to let the dish sit for awhile then drain off the excess water :) Simple solution for a simple problem! However if you are dining with someone who doesn't take spicy food, best to toss it around with the excess water. So in other words the excess water not that bad afterall :) The cuttlefish was also done properly. Many places uses shortcut by rehydrating cuttlefish with alkaline water. But overhere, either they prepare it in such a awesome way to completely remove the alkaline taste or they just simple do it the normal way of soaking in water for a longer period of time.

One of their signature is this Stir fry LaLa (Clams). Fresh and without sand, naturally sweet. Nothing wrong about the flavour which is well balance with the sweetness of the clam, savory of the sauce with a ting of spicy note. However i still prefer the one i had at Seng Kee 511 which has a hint of refreshing acidity...

Har Chiong Gai (Prawn Paste Chicken) is one of my favourite dish. This dish over here must be consume immediately after its serve to ensure the best of flavour. Nice and crispy when hot! However the one i had at Hong Kong Street Zhen Ji was better marinaded and also serve with a great chilli sauce.

Pretty late closing time so its great for late dinner or early supper :)

Its located near quite a few sleezy pubs so i would not advice ladies to travel alone. I'm always available for company :) And also very crowded during dinner time and may need to wait for and hour or more if u are unlucky...

67 Maude Road (Beside jalan besar shopping center)
Tel: 6296 3428

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