Friday, December 3, 2010

How to Roast a Chicken (Part 2)

Continued from last post...

Well to roast the chicken, the chicken must be in room temperature to ensure even cooking inside out. Take the bird out of the chiller about 30 min before cooking.

Slice some onion and lay it on the baking try like this

This will allow the chicken to sit on the onion without sticking onto the pan after roasting. And also a secondary purpose after roasting which i will talk about later.

Laying the bird on the pan like this then drizzle some olive oil over the bird then rub it evenly. The oil will ensure the bird brown evenly. and also add some white wine and water into the pan so that it will create an aromatic steam to cook the bird. Adding some fresh herbs like thyme is also great!

How long to cook? how to tell if its done? What temperature?

The answer is simple. Generally, i love using chicken weighing about 1.2kg. This size can feed 2 person comfortably or 4 person with other dishes. Time to cook varies from oven to oven, but generally, 30min +/- 5min in a 180DegC will do. If you are unsure, using a thermometer is the best option. Insert into the thickest part of the chicken and if you get a internal temperature reading of 75DegC, you are safe :) Too low its under cooked, too high the chicken will be dry.

After removing from the oven, let it rest on the rack a little b4 cutting the bird. And in my opinion the best tool is a good pair of kitchen shears rather then knife. Its Easier and less messy.

Next up is the sauce. By adding some some more white wine and leave it in the oven for another 30 sec then scrape everything into a saucepan. Heat up the sauce pan till it boils then...

Turn off the heat and add a knob of cold butter, stir till it dissolve. The butter will add shine and creamy texture to the sauce also enhancing the flavour while thicken the sauce a little.

Cover the bird with foil to keep the temperature warm before serving.

Yummy, juicy and delicious with meat falling off the bone :) I'm loving it!

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