Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Review & 2011 New Year Resolution!

2010 Marks the transition of my life into a new stage.

Some stuff I pen down at the start of the year…

- Up my fitness level. I target 5k in under 25 min and 10k in under 55min.
- Finish Osim Triathlon in under 3:30h
- Maintain my weight at 95-100kg

- Train hard for Food Hotel Asia Culinary challenge and hope for the best.
- Try my very best at World Gourmet Summit written assessment.
- Write my first draft for my very first cookbook!

- Pick up French language
- Find a good French restaurant with a French chef and pick up skills from him.
- Stay happy, no matter what happens, don't give up!



Did not meet target but close…

Went down south…

January to February – The start of the year was pretty much boring. Working during Chinese new year was pretty intense in a club setting.

March to April – FHA Culinary challenge. Took me over 6 month to prepare but still went down the drain. Maybe I’m not that good afterall… Having self doubt, low period. However, shortly after FHA, its OSIM Triathlon. I finished near my targeted time. Though not my targeted time but still a great improvement! Regains Confidence!

May to July – Started second rotation of apprenticeship. Working in Fullerton will always be remembered with all the fun loving people around and what I really learn is how to deal with work place politics. Very intense working environment and working hour, 9am-11pm, I had a hard time coping. Later I realize the best way to cope is to squeeze in any time I have into exercising so that I will feel fully occupied no time to think about foolish thoughts. Kept a pair of running shoe in my locker at work in case I do get to really have split shift I can go for an afternoon run.

August – Was not in very good shape due to the fact long working hour and lack training. Finished Army Half Marathon much slower then PB, but still in an expected time frame. Felt really bad. Promise myself to squeeze in more time for training. Oh August was also the first time I dine at JAAN! And it was a treat =)

September to October – This period was very intense. The school final project was killing me. Pressure mounting up as dateline closes in, I felt really stressful. However, once the presentation was over, the feeling was fantastic. Nothing can describe the feeling at the moment. Everyone was just glad its finally over.

November – Marks the month I finally completed my journey in At-Sunrice Globalchef Academy. The finale was a practical exam that 15 months ago I would take more then half a day to complete instead of just 2h. I started to hunt for my dream job though there are already offers for me but I know there is something out there waiting for me. Those offers just don’t feel right. Finally through some connections I manage to find a very good offer from a very good place. (Stay tuned to find out!) Meanwhile I started RT in maju camp and took up part time at my old apprenticeship site, Swiss club. During my free days, I would train like a full time athlete in preparation for up coming Marathon.

December – Its Marathon Season! Had a great run with very little expectations. Overall, the feeling of the run was great and I could feel I am getting back my form. Though this was my 4th marathon, this is the first one that I felt great throughout the run! Very Happy I finally completed my LASKI surgery and it was very successful! Been awhile since I have a 6/6 vision (last in primary school I think…)

For Year 2011, here are some goals I have in mind.

· Get my brand new set of running, cycling, swimming and Tri gear. (1 pair trainer, 1 pair racer, 2 cycling tights, 2 full length running tights, 2 pair of shades; Day/Night)

· Able to run 5km in under 23min to qualify for MR25 running club standard

· Finish a half marathon in under 2h

· Finish a marathon in under 5:30h

· Finish a Triathlon in under 3:15h

· Cover 2011km by 3 discipline combined (Swimming, Cycling, Running)

· Polish my skills in the kitchen. If possible work my way up till cook 1 by end of this year.

· Try completing my cookbook on simple Singapore flavour.

· Be consistent on my blog, at least twice monthly.

Funds required for 2011:

- Trainer about $200

- Racer about $250

- 2 X Cycling tights $150

- 2 X Full length running tights $240

- Shades $400 (Resue one old frame get new lens)

- Half marathon registration $40

- 2 X Marathon registration $120

- Triathlon registration $100

- Swimming pool entry fee $100 (public pool $1/entry)

- Custom build Tri Bike $5000+++ (Optional for this year)

All prices are rough estimates…

Total: about $1600 (Without bike)

Any sugar mummy or god sister wanna sponsor me? ;)

When will I do an Ironman 70.3? My target, within the next 5 years

When I can swim 1.9km in 1h

When I can cycle 90km in 3:30h

When I can run 21km in 2h

When will I do a full Ironman? My target, within the next 10 years

When I can swim 3.6km in 2h

When I can cycle 180km in 7h

When I can run 42km in 5h

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