Monday, December 20, 2010

Looking at the same world with new perspective... LASKI

I am pretty active and i love to do sports. Looking for a pair of glasses for sports use is really tough until i found a pair of Oakley Bracket that last me since army till now. However during sports in the day, shades are a major problem. I got this psychological barrier of touching my eye so the solution i found was to custom made a pair of Oakley Radar with prescription for sports us. Then now still facing problem finding problem for goggle for triathlon use too.

It was until when i started work in the kitchen, once i was almost seriously burned by steam and slip and fall when my glasses fogged. The steam incident scare the shit out of me. It was a really busy day and i open the steamer to take out something then a strong gush of steam came right towards me. My whole face was steamed till red and i inhaled some of them which cause difficulty in breathing. Then working in a professional kitchen, the chiller and freezer are walk in type. Once i went inside to grab some stuff and came out with all fog on my glasses. Didn't know there was a little oil spill on the floor and what a painful experience.

Then i decided. I must do LASIK! For sports and for job safety.

I went around asking about LASIK and did my research online. Finally was recommended by my friends to Dr. Jerry Tan at Camden.

Went there to check out the price, Woah.. Damn Expensive. However i also went to other clinic at Paragon and went national eye center to check things out. Non of them gave me a good vibe like Dr. Jerry Tan. I always trust my instinct so i decided to do it there.

Firstly was to pre LASKI check up. It was very troublesome. Whole day spent in the clinic doing all sorts of check, machine after machine. No pain involved but just plain troublesome. However later then i realize it was all necessary to get the most precise and accurate data to ensure the perfection result of LASIK.

The first eye operating day, i was very nervous. Not knowing what to do and there is just so much unknown just like first day in Tekong... However all the good looking nurse over there guide me along the whole process. It was nervous but later felt more comfortable with all the friendly nurse around. Somehow, the whole process is painless and really fast. within seconds its all done and all i have to do is to take good care of my eye for recovery.

Second eye is one week later. What i like about Dr. Jerry is that he use the first operated eye result to ensure the second eye result will be even better then perfect! The whole process was so fast over that i couldn't believe it.

From a dream to actually doing it till i completed it. I was a dream. A good one :)

Now with a brand new pair of eye, i'm having more confident in the future somehow :)

Looking forward to Adidas Sundown and Oism Triathlon now :) 3 weeks apart hahahahah! I love extreme challenges :) Starting work on 3 Jan, hope i can last in that place :)

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