Friday, December 10, 2010

Adam Road Food Center Nasi Lemak!

In this particular food center, there are stalls that really attract queues... I can't understand why. Thats why... I went to join the queue too :)

Stall No.1
Let me breakdown to simplify things...

Rice - I'm not sure if i see correctly or not, they mix in some basmati rice. The rice is nice and fragrant, not oily, not heavy, very light yet very aromatic.

Otah - Too soft, no smokey flavour as expected from bbq otah.

Chicken wings - Nice when its hot but nothing special. No special marinade.

egg - Pan fried, not over cooked. I don't like egg with yolk that has a dark ring around it. lucky this doesn't have it.

Peanut & ikan billi - Nice and crispy, not overly salty.

Sambal Chilli - A bit too watery IMO. Nice flavour but a bit more to the sweet side.

Others - Fried hotdog... =.=''

Stall No. 2
Rice - The second stall does a nice and fluffy rice on closer look, its basmati rice! Same as the first stall, it is very aromatic and fragrant, not oily. I can probably have 3-4 bowl of this rice...

Otah - Slightly better in term of taste and texture. But still not that fantastic...

Chicken wings - Should taste good when hot but no special marinade too...

egg - This is not a fried egg, its a DEEP FRIED egg... soaked in oil.. "Nice"...

Peanut & ikan billi - Nice and crispy, not very salty.

Sambal Chilli - Nice and flavourful, savory, a little sweet too.

Others - Bergerdel, NICE! Very well seasoned, but not well coated with egg and fried. lack that egg richness and aroma.

Conclusion: I will probably NOT queue for either of the nasi lemak again. Its decent but not worth the long and painful 30 min queue... There are other stall with decent food too like stall 3 lontong, further down a little malay chicken rice and ayam penyet (the chilli damn power), Indian kambing soup, chinese gingerish mutton soup, black carrot cake.

Suddenly feel like drinking kambing soup now :) Maybe i shall have it for breakfast tomorrow :)


  1. There's still the Mee Soto that limits one Bergerdel to each order (3 pair of Makansutra Chopsticks & deservedly so). Oh.. and of course the famous Noo Cheng Adam Road Prawn Noodle!!

  2. The prawn noodle now standard drop :( Broth getting less flavourful...

    Yup the mee soto :)

    also, there is a under rated stall, the one selling pork leg ee fu mee. Their hokkien mee much better then the carrot cake stall hokkien mee.