Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SCSM 2010 Result

10km - 7:33 min/km (According to plan)
21.1km - 6:55 min/km (Probably push too hard because i was feeling too comfortable, which later cause my painful suffering finishing...)
30km - 10:30 min/km (Stop and drink kopi and started to walk)
42.195km - 10:56 min/km (Totally CMI)

3L water the night before
3 salt tablet night before, 6 pill along the way.
7 packet energy gel along the way.

No major injury except heavy legs and tight shoulder.
Feel weak at left calf, right gluteus, right quads.

Next marathon things to take note:
  • Continue with salt tablet and hydration strategy
  • Strengthen legs up long run max distance to 32km b4 marathon
  • train to SLOW DOWN and keep 7:00-7:30 pace for at least 32km
  • Take out my iphone to take some picture along the way, its too boring :)

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